This is an accounting software exclusively tailored for educational institutions. 

There are three major modules in the Asset software besides the online Help.

  • Accounts Structure
  • Transactions
  • Reports

Account Structure

The Account structure is present under the file menu. In this module the accounts and fee heads are created. The default amount to be charged under each fee head is decided. It also keeps the record of the deposits and loans in various banks.

  • Accounting Period
  • Account Creation and maintenance
  • Feehead
  • Bank Deposits


There are six basic types of transactions that take place in an educational institutions.

  • Advance Paid to the employees
  • A/c transfer
  • Receipt of Daily Collections
  • Receipt of Grants
  • Payment due to purchase of items
  • Scholarships


The maintenance of accounts demands the generation of a lot of printed reports. Asset provides a lot of reports for the benefit of its users.

  • Cash Book
  • Ledger
  • Daily collection reports: Fee Head wise, Daily Summary, Account balance
  • Advance Register
  • Scholarship disbursement report
  • Cheque Issue/Receipt report