This is the payroll and establishment maintenance software. It is divided into three major modules: 

  • Organisation Structure
  • Employee Details
  • Pay Structure.

Organisation Structure

This module is placed under the file menu. This module determines the structure of the organisation of which the employee is a part. This module maintains the records of

  • Grades 
  • Shifts
  • Departments
  • Designations
  • Quarter
  • Perks
  • Deductions
  • Leaves
  • Tax Structure
  • Weekly or Annual Holiday Records


Employee Details

This module is used to record the service and salary details of the employee. It is place under the Employee menu.

  • Joining or appointment details
  • Refresher and Orientation Courses
  • Quarter Allotment
  • Submit Deductions
  • Apply Optional Allowances
  • Increment Details
  • Salary : Pay Slip, Aquittance Roll, Annual Statements and Deduction Schedules are generated.
  • Maintain Leave status
  • Promotion
  • Suspension
  • Transfer/Retirement

Pay Structure

Every employee is a paid according to a pay structure. The Pay Structure includes

  • Details of Pay Scales
  • Perks and allowances paid on each Scale
  • Increment slab in each scale