Academia is is used to maintain records and generate reports of the post admission process. It manages everything from a student joining an institution to leaving the institution i.e. admission, allotment of subjects and departments, Examination and Tabulation, result publication, School leaving.

This software is been divided into following modules

  • Student
  • Curriculum
  • Examination

This software now follows the examination format of the autonomous colleges in Orissa. The Student section can however be used in any colleges of the state.

The user-friendly interface of each module makes it easy for the user to learn and master the product in a very short period of time. Online help and tool tips are provide to the user immediate assistance.


Student Module

This Section is the default section of the software.
The Highlights are

  • Keeping Class and Section details
  • Admission
  • Allocation of Class and Subjects
  • Maintenance of general information of the institution (Holidays and Time table)
  • Generation of Long Roll, Attendance Sheet and Return of Matriculate Report
  • Promotion
  • Keeping records of Extra curricular activities
  • Issue of Clearance certificate
  • Issue of Conduct certificate
  • Issue of School Leaving certificate

Curriculum Module

The autonomous colleges design their own courses. This section maintains the course format or structure under a syllabus. This section attempts record the answers of the following questions.

What are the subjects that are to be taught in an academic session? How many papers are to be appeared in each examination and how many examinations are to be taken up in one session? What is the pass mark etc.

The highlights are

  • Subject creation
  • Subject assignment to each class
  • Paper creation under each subject and the type of paper
  • Paper assignment

Examination Module

The examination details are maintained under this section. It contains the list of examinations (internals as well as finals) and their schedules. Tabulation records are maintained in this section. There is provision to maintain various types of examinations like regular and back.

Student admit cards for the examinations can be generated. Results are available in the line and print formats. Other reports like the CNR and Tabulation register can be directly generated through the software.

Automatic and Manual codes can be generated for the paper coding in the examination.

The highlights are:

  • Preparing Examination (Internal, Final and back) Schedules
  • Form Fill-up and generation of the Examination Attendance Register
  • Generation of CNR and Admit cards.
  • Code Generation
  • Tabulation and Result sheet preparation
  • Publication of result (On line as well as print)