Pathologist is divided into four main modules :

  • Doctor 
  • Patient 
  • Sample collection
  • Tests

The Doctor Information Module has :
Doctors List with transaction history facility on monthly or daily basis on the patients recommended or test recommended.
Entry form for entering the complete details of doctor with his residential address and the addresses of practice.

The Patient Information Module has:
Patients list with a transaction history of being recommended by whom
Entry form for entering the complete details of the patient including his age and his residential address

Sample Collection and Delivery module includes :
Entry form for collection of sample including date and time of collection and delivery, payment status and the list of tests to be conducted on the sample 
Form for storing test results
Facility to generate printed receipts and test reports on sample.

Test Information module stores
Tests on various types of sample.
Output of each test
Normal range of values for each output
Cost of each test